3 Pack Massage Ball

3 Pack Massage Ball

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Relax your muscles and target trigger points with these three different size silicone massage ball. Use the Lacrosse ball on your traps and delts after a heavy upper body workout or on glutes and calves after a long run.



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Set of excellent therapy balls for self myofascial release and trigger point massage therapy. The balls are made specifically for massage therapy and are ideal for physical therapy equipment. Great for acupressure point relief, these provide excellent deep tissue massage to relieve pain and provide muscle knot relief to sore and fatigued muscles. Use the balls with your physical therapy equipment or as devices to relieve neck pain. Relieve sciatic nerve pain and fibromyalgia pain and reduce stress.

HOW TO USE: Leaning on a wall in standing controlling the pressure, the amount of lean and movements, or place the massage ball under yourself on the floor. Start with the most painful area. The idea is to catch the muscle knot with the ball and apply gentle pressure until the pain sensation is almost gone. Once the massage ball is in the right place, (usually a trigger point), hold it there, breathe, and relax. You will notice how the pain will gradually disappear.



1. eyeball

2. Carotid sinus area

3. Acute contagious diseases

4. infectious disease, eg acute osteomyelitis, acute peritonitis, tuberculous arthritis, skin damage diseases (skin burns, skin ulcers, etc.)

5. Acute Spinal Cord Injury

6. Patients with surgical complications or surgical pathology, eg upper gastrointestinal perforation, acute myocardial infarction, acute cerebrovascular, coagulation mechanism disorders, etc.


Please be careful to use to body area with massage balls.

1. Perineal

2. Waist and abdomen of pregnant or the women\'s period days

3. Patients with severe organ failure

4. Patients with malignant tumours

5. Fresh fractures

6. Senile osteoporosis





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